Todd Anderson Design

Specialist in designing thoughtful, innovative and sustainable branding and packaging solutions for multinational clients and their products.

Specialist branding and packaging design.

Branding is the face and story of any business or product – it is often the first thing seen and remembered. For that reason, it has become Todd Anderson's passion to create thoughtful, innovative and sustainable design solutions for local and international clients, large corporates through to emerging start-ups.

The studio's founder and creative director, Todd Anderson has a passion for teaching and mentoring in design, which can be seen through his role as a mentor and pre-selection judge for the International Council of Design (ico-D) and Adobe Design Achievement Awards. First selected in 2013, his relentless enthusiasm to motivate and up-skill junior designers has continued to the present day and has led to the creation of DesignGoodDesign!

by Todd Anderson Design

Branding and packaging design specialist /
creative director

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